Get to the Root of Your Illness

Come to us for nutrition response testing in Lancaster, NY

Are you suffering from chronic pain? You've probably been to countless doctors and tried several drugs. Unfortunately, nothing has brought you relief. When you've exhausted all of your options, don't lose hope - there's still one thing left to do. Call the healthcare professionals at Kimberly Heeb Nurse Practitioner in Lancaster, NY for nutrition response testing.

Nutrition response testing is a safe and natural way to test your body for immune stressors, toxins and food intolerances. Once we've pinpointed the problem, we'll give you advice on which supplement and dietary remedies will help reduce your symptoms.

Depend on us to find the root cause of your ailments. Set up an appointment today.

We don't believe in a quick fix

We can't restore your health in a day, but we can help you achieve an overall healthy and pain-free life. One way we'll help you reach that goal is through muscle testing. This technique will help us decide:

  • Which areas of your body are weak
  • Why certain areas are weaker than others
  • Which wholefood supplements and dietary changes will strengthen these areas

Do you know what your body needs to thrive? If not, contact us for muscle testing services today.

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